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I have always thought when playing Friends Of Mineral Town that Karen was much more of a tomboy than Ann was. To me, Ann looks so girlie and adorable in her dungarees and that little bow in her hair. Whereas Karen looks more like the ‘tomboy one’.

Nami is my favorite bachelorette ever, but besides AWL and DS, she doesn’t appear in any other game as a marriage character, and I hate the DS version. So there’s only one game I can be with her. :(

I used to have a crush on the sprite team leaders from the ds games. I’m not even kidding.

One of the main reasons why I wish I could live in a HM game is because I could escape all the terrible news/events and political cr*p I see on the news all the time. I feel like I would be much happier in the HM world.

I always disliked that Julius seems to be treated more like a joke than an actual character… I’ve played almost every Harvest Moon at this point, and he’s still my favorite bachelor out of all of them. His over-the-top attitude is funny, but I think he deserves more credit than he gets

I completely love Owen and I don’t feel like he gets enough recognition among the bachelors. He’s so sweet. * ^ *

Full Confession:

I’m probably the only person who isn’t a fan of the Chelsea and Vaughn pairing.

In the game, it makes sense, and he’s a fun bachelor to court. It feels rewarding to get closer to him. But in the fanfiction atmosphere, I never like how Chelsea is written when she’s involved romantically with Vaughn. Maybe I’m just too concerned for him, but his character always dramatically alters once he ‘falls for her.’ Sure, he’s prone to blush from teasing, and he’s more open with those he’s close to, but it’s always an extreme change into a whole new person. He becomes all lovey-dovey and cheery and incredibly annoying, and I find it really unrealistic. It reminds me of that age old ‘I can change him’ shtick that’s ruined hundreds of characters and their stories.

As a general grumpy-girl, I think it’s fair for me to vouch and say Vaughn isn’t going to change his attitude just because he likes somebody! In the game, he warms up to the main character, but he still remains standoffish with other people, and he tends to be quiet and to the point. I wish more people would keep him in character because it makes me generally dislike any stories concerning Vaughn with a love interest of any kind because I don’t trust them anymore.

Full Confession:

I really hope we eventually get a game where we, the main character, have a tragic back story. Like our husband died or our village burned down. So we start the game with amnesia and slowly, as we wander into new areas, we our given a home and taken in. Slowly over the years we learn our back story. I just want a little bit of tragic stuff since the settings always feel too fluffy. I WANT SOME INTENSE DRAMATIC SAD STUFF THAT’LL MAKE ME CRY LIKE ONE DAY A CHARACTER GETS SICK & DIES.

Animal Parade will always be my favorite game in the series. It has everything. The best characters, lots of events, not to mention how much fun the gameplay is. My favorite part is all the events you have with your children and their overall importance: plus you don’t die.

Harvest the Source - Kaji!

Holy confessions! Thank you to everyone who submitted! I have enough to start making them come Friday. Feel free to keep sending them! Thank you, everyone! :D

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Anonymous asked:
What's your favorite best friend pair in HM? It can be an eventual couple or a purely platonic friendship. It can be guy/girl or girl/girl or guy/guy. It could be kids or adults. Oh and if you could make a best friendship up (you can even mix the games if you want)! My favorites are Rick/Karen, Popuri/Kai (I don't like the fact that they went against Rick's wishes; but when they are platonic they remind me of my friends and I), the Julius/Gill frien-amyship is awesome. Is that one made up?

my favorite pair in a harvest moon game is gale (wizard)/vivi (witch) from animal parade, both romantically (lul) and platonically. i can imagine their friendship being one of those strained ones but they’re close nonetheless 

for a crossover pair i’d find it amusing if skye and will got along. wooin all dem maidens amirite

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ihellojamx3 asked:
I need 5 sliver in harvest moon a new beginning will you please help me? :o if so my FC is in about me and pls send yours and we can discus when we can meet :3

We’re….. not exactly that kind of place, honey. I mean, there are other blogs that could help just as much as even the tags! Unfortunately, Admin and myself are too busy today to help until later tonight. I will however post this and hopefully someone can help you!

Be sure to message them and not us, guys! Good luck!

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Ok, I figure I’d make an announcement since it’s been a while. Ahem, we are still active! However, there’s only a small amount of confessions in the askbox. If I were to do them, they would literally only last four days. So, when we get a good amount of confessions in, I’ll be sure to do them! uwu

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spazka asked:
Hey, looking for advice, here, if you don't mind! :) I'm heavily considering buying RF: Frontier, having loved Tides of Destiny (and even preferring it over RF4), but I'm curious if you or others following have played it and what you've thought of it. Is it very similar to ToD, and/or are there big cons that might make it a deal breaker? Also, if it helps, my favorite HM game is Animal Parade. Thanks, and sorry for bothering! You guys are great. c:

I can’t be of much help since I’ve never played frontier but maybe our followers can share their opinion! Any help would be appreciated ~

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Anonymous asked:
Hi there! I was looking through the wallpapers, and the Gill and Chelsea wallpaper on the third page isn't working. It's the first version and the link to the wallpaper itself isn't working. I just thought I would let you know!

ty for letting me know - at first i’m like “o shi i think i made that on another computer if it isn’t in my dropbox there’s nothing i can do” but i was lucky and found it in my dropbox. 

the first gill/angela link should be fixed now!

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