harvest moon confessions

I wonder what it would be like if you could text people in HM. It would probably be like in Animal Crossing (for the Gamecube at least) where they respond to your letters with “I have no clue what you’re saying.”

I live on a farm in reality, but recently my favorite rooster died. I went to play Harvest Moon AP and noticed one of my chickens had the same name as him. At least now whenever, I miss my rooster, I can play Harvest Moon AP and cheer up. C:

I simply love being being able to marry the older guys in DS Cute. People think it’s creepy, but it’s not like the MC is a kid. You live alone on a farm away from home, after all. Then again, I’ve always had a thing for older guys. Especially ones into archaeology. *cough*Carter*cough* 

Full Confession:

I don’t understand how everyone seems to dislike the bachelors in ANB. Personally, I can’t bring myself to marry in my boy file. The girls are just too plain. Besides the WP, that is. But it is a pain to unlock her. Also, how can you always demand something new and exciting and then say ‘I liked the old way better’. I find the way HM has come to is great. I started with the snes version, and liked almost every installment since then.

Every time I see Mistel’s official artwork I see a short boy, but when I see in-game pictures of him he looks as tall as the MC. Even the fanart pictures make him look tall! It’s getting me really confused and I don’t know which height to consider him anymore.

I’m not a fan of most of the bachelor/bachelorettes in CNW to be honest, but I find Mistel so cute! He reminds me of Hotori Tadase from Shugo Chara.

Riding a sheep or goat in Animal Parade always reminded me of riding a Skiddo in Pokemon X and Y!

I wish Doctor Trent would return as a bachelor. He was one of my favorite bachelors, and my first husband since playing the HM games.

I remember when I was in the fourth grade, I played HM: FoMT and sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night just to sneak out of my bed, grab my GBA and continue to shower gifts for my bachelorette.

Full Confession:

Before starting ToTT always I thought I would marry Cam. Every day I would travel from Bluebell to Konoha in order to buy seeds for my farm. Then somewhere along the way I found myself being drawn closer to the adorkable Kana. While Cam would always seem disconnected and hard to understand, Kana was so straightforward. It was the hardest decision choosing between them, until I accidentally activated Kana’s reverse proposal. I knew then and there that I had truly fallen in love with him.

I only married Dylas cause he asked. If he didn’t, I would have married Leon.

For years I’ve wanted Harvest Moon: DS Cute, but I had owned Harvest Moon: DS so I couldn’t justify the purchase. I’ve since lost my copy and seeing the Amazon sale, I decided to buy it.

Even though it’s not my favorite game, I absolutely adore the fashion in Grand Bazaar. All that German/Swiss influenced clothing. Feathered hats, embroidery, kneesocks, it’s all just so cute! I think the female MC is one of the cutest protagonists in any HM game. Even if the outfit isn’t practical for farming. 

I love Rune Factory 4. I find just one thing wrong with it—why aren’t Porcoline and Bado secret/bonus bachelors or something? All of my friends think Porcoline is adorable and would love to see him as a marriage candidate. Also, I saw a picture of Bado and Frey on Tumblr and now I ship them like no other.

I hate how in Harvest Moon DS Cute if you marry Carter Flora ALWAYS says “the professor seems out of his work lately” and nags you saying how YOU’RE the reason he’s not 100% always working? Uh Flora he has a kid now and he’s married yes his job is important but he’s got to make time for his family too sheesh. -__-