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Hello! Sorry to bother, I came to ask if everything is okay, as there is no other post since 20 hours ago. Have something happened to any of you? If so, I'm sorry... :(

Thanks so much for asking about us! We really appreciate it. While I haven’t asked Admin what it is, I do know that she has been quite busy with some things. I don’t know what it is, but any kind thoughts towards her would be wonderful and appreciated. ;w;

As for me, my energy has been deflating a lot recently and it isn’t just because of work. There’s so many things that need to be done and bills that at times, I can hardly find enough time to get at least a few confessions in.

I’m going to try tonight, though! I need to get a Summer Santa present to someone up on FF, but as soon as I do, I’ll be working on confessions to the best of my ability.

Thank you so much for coming to ask us if we’re ok. It isn’t a bother at all! Thank you so much for caring about us and I know you’re not the only one.Thank you so much to everyone who’s been so patient with the confessions. Thank you so so much and I mean this sincerely.

-Mod V

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I sell animals right before they die. Sometimes I think about how funny it would be when the buyer receives my animal and it dies the next day. It’s even more hilarious to think that the buyer keeps buying animals from me only to remember that they’ll die the next day and that he made several broken vows to never buy from me again.

Full Confession:

My first Harvest Moon game was More Friends of Mineral Town on my brother’s hand me down laptop. I really loved it and that game got me into Harvest Moon. Unfortunately, an accident happened that led to the laptop being unusable. In my mind, I imaged that at the moment of tradegy all the characters dropped dead at the same time. I never got the chance to marry and have a kid. Never met Kappa or seen the church’s backyard. So much I haven’t done.

On a side note, I checked my brother’s save file and saw he named the dog Bitch. Never really understood why until I was older.

Full Confession:

I’m the type of person who gets all the hearts of all the bachelors/bachelorettes. In Rune Factory 3 when the mayor Wells told you he’s heard/seen you with all the girls in town including his granddaughter and asks if you were going to break her heart (I think, been a long time since I last played it), I answered no when there was a possibility I wasn’t going to marry her and realized that I was a player.

In Rune Factory 3, I married Raven because I didn’t want her to be alone forever. I think I married her more out of guilt.

Full Confession:

Even though I’m a girl, I feel sad when I consider which bachelorette to marry in Rune Factory 3. There’s like 10 bachelorettes to choose from, but there are no rivals for the girls to marry. Sure there’s like 5 other guys they could marry, but 2 of them are brothers to 2 of the bachelorettes, 1 is hopelessly in love with the elder sister of a bachelorette, and the other two aren’t the same species and may have never considered marrying the girls in town. I feel like when I marry one of them, the others are going to be left alone forever.

Full Confession:

I like to get all the hearts for the bachelors. I don’t do it to see the events. I just like doing it because I like to make all the bachelors be in love with me. So, when I marry one of them, I pretend the chosen one is happy while all the others are sad as they watch me be with another man and live a happy life while they pretend to be happy for me when, in reality, they’re heartbroken and they marry someone else to forget. A good example is DS Cute because it seems that all the bachelors, except Gustafa, who marry the rivals are all in unhappy marriages. I think Gustafa and Nami make a good couple and pretend that Nami came and put Gustafa’s heart together and that’s why they’re happy with each other.

Full Confession:

I marry the special bachelors because I feel bad for taking away the only men my rival can marry. In DS Cute, I didn’t know about Skye, so I chose Rock. I was going to marry Kai, but I felt bad about forcing him to stay with me where he’ll spend three-quarters of the year in the house and he had Popuri in Mineral Town. When I met Skye, I already had a kid, so I decided on a new save file. If I had met Skye before in the beginning, I would’ve chosen him because honestly there’s not that many bachelors in Forget-Me-Not Valley I was interested in.

I really wonder if Doug And Zaid  where familiars or something, Since both of they have grey eyes that means they are from the same tribe.

Full Confession:

When I heard of Harvest Moon DS Cute, I got so excited over the Best Friend System. I can’t say I’m that surprised it never made it in to the American version, but I still really liked the concept. So, when I got Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, I discovered that I could make my male character look like a female through the unlocked hair and clothing styles. I’m in my second year of my file and my character is married to her lovely wife, Felicity, and is expecting their first child.

I wish there were more Harvest Moon Cosplay Groups/Forums.

Full Confession:

Unlike a lot of people, or so it seems at least, in the Harvest Moon fandom, I don’t hold the game dear since childhood. It makes me feel a little awkward when people bring up games like Harvest Moon 64 because I never played them, I wasn’t even born then! I feel like I was left out on so much just because I haven’t gotten a chance to play such games, but I wish sometime in the future I get a chance to play them, too.

For some reason, I never really liked any of the other Rune Factory games until RF4 came out. The others were really confusing to me and I was about to drop playing RF in general until I got RF4 and realized how fun it is! Now I kinda want to try to play the older games again but I’m not sure if I’ll like them as much as RF4.

I feel like a horrible person when people talk about most of the games (like FOMT, ANB, GB), because I’ve only played the one gamecube game and the WII games. So it feels like i’m a real simpleton when I have to go on to the wikipedia and look up what character people are raving about.

Full Confession:

Out of all of my HM husbands, there are only two that I regret marrying. Mikhail and Sanjay. They both have the same problem, and it’s not even really a bad thing, but I consider them ‘too perfect’… Seems strange to say, but the fact that these two are always in a good mood, always polite, always insightful, and nearly always right…just became a little dull to me after awhile. Of course these traits were what drew me to them at first, but without any sort of quirks or flaws, I just don’t remember them as fondly as the bachelors who would tease me or make me giggle with their awkwardness… I still find them very pretty, though.