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Anonymous asked:
Is Louis form HoLV 'Lew-iss' or 'Loo-ee'?

*stares up at the sky* I knew this would come back to haunt me. I swear, 1-2 years ago, I literally had this discussion with roleplayers in a group. Honestly, anon, it’s all up to you. People have different ways of saying it (just like that one character we talked about months ago.) Personally, I try to say “Lew-iss”… but sometimes I end up saying “Lou-iss”… from like… Family Guy…

Once again, it’s all up to you! However, I did have fun learning the different ways of saying names. Come on, fandom, don’t fail me. ADMIN IS AWAY. LET US PLAY.

-Mod V (should be asleep but lol)

Full Confession: I would really like to see a system in future games that allows you to control your conversations with other characters. Something where you could type what you want to say to people and then they could respond accordingly. I know this would take a LOT of work, and it may not be possible, but I think that would bring so much more of a personal level to the games. I’m just tired of preprogrammed, generic phrases from people. I want interesting, interactive conversations. I think it would be fun.

In Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, the moment I saw Ivan I knew he was going to be the character I married but once I did marry him, I felt so bad for what felt like to me, ripping him away from Dirk. All they had were each other and I broke them up. And Dirk seemed quite young in the game and to imagine that he’d be living on his own, and sleeping in their house all alone really made me feel bad. Moral of the story: no matter how bad you want to marry Ivan or Dirk… DON’T.

One of the things I wish the Harvest Moon games would expand upon is the friendship aspect of the game. In Rune Factory Frontier, I became best friends with Kross, and I legitimately cared for him without being romantically in love with him, yet I wish there was more I could do like ask him to be my best man at my wedding, or invite him over for dinner, or just SOMETHING to show my appreciation! Friendship is just as important as, if not more so, romantic relationships, and even if they’re not real people, I feel the need to show them that.

In all the games, the Harvest Goddess has always irritated me. She’s always making rash decisions and expecting you to clean up after her. This is especially the case in Tale of Two Towns, where she causes a cave-in just because the villages are fighting. I have no sympathy for her character at all and skip through her dialogue as quickly as possible.

I personally think out of all the new characters in story of seasons Rega is the cutest. 

Anonymous asked:
Oh hey, you've got a new look for the confessions! I like it :D

AND WE LOVE YOU, TOO, RANDOM ANON! Admin has actually been the one doing them. I just might ask her to send me the psd so that I can help until we get a roll on fanart going. Which should be soon! I only have one commission to do, so I should be able to do it soon. :D

Much love from this anon for your pet, Mod V <3
Thank you, darling! I really apprecaite it. ;w;
-Mod V
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I wrote a seven line song about Soseki once, but it ended up being more about fish.

I feel like Natsume put very little effort into the character models in their upcoming game: The Lost Valley. They look like they were made by freshmen level designers. I have played nearly every game by Natsume and this one by far seems the most visually disappointing.

Sure, it would be nice if our MC in Harvest moon can teach her/his children about farming. Then, they can help you in your farm.

I really hope that a future Harvest Moon game lets you romance same gendered NPCs.  I’m playing Tale of Two Towns now and I really dig the idea of romancing Eileen, but can’t.

I refuse to enter competition festivals in HM: A New Beginning if I know I’m going to get anything less than first place. I hate how second place doesn’t get anything and how negatively the villagers react to anything less than a complete victory.


i just want to let you all know that we’re not dead, just floating (i am a horrible person for using song references), but have been incredibly busy lately.

luckily,i’ll be able to work on confessions either tomorrow or monday - but here comes the (not so great for some people) news:

it will take some time for us to be able to use fanart for confessions, since we’re going to do the whole triple source + ask the original artist sort of thing, so you have to expect slowness when it comes to see fanart confessions. 

for now, to get this blog a bit more active, i’m going to add some confessions just using official artwork into the queue. you can expect future confessions to be back to normal, but for now just to get some activity in this blog while we save up fanarts we have received permission for we’ll post the official artwork.

thanks for you understanding ~

- admin 

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Anonymous asked:
Aweeee a sick rat? You're such a kind soul ;W; Don't worry about us take both the time you need :D

Thank you! Felix is my pet rat and practically my baby. He’s been my blogging/drawing/confessions making buddy for almost two years. He’s so wonderful. uwu

Thank you very much again! We’ll work hard as soon as we can!

-Mod V

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Anonymous asked:
Wow, no posts in three days? Is everything alright? Are you organitzating something or one of you is sick? I am starting to worry a bit... :( Don't worry if you are just busy with other things, take both your time.

We have been busy! Admin got herself a job and I’ve been taking care of a sick rat and I’ve been trying to get commissions done so that I can afford his medicine. As soon as I get them all done (and hope for more), I’ll work on the confessions! Thank you so much for your concern. It means a lot to us. ;w;

-Mod V

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