harvest moon confessions

When I was a child, I had a crush on Lumina that stretched for several years. I was happy that she was eligible in HMDS and I only bought AWL:SE so I could have an easier way of marrying her.

I’m scared to get into the fandom part of HM because the first couple of fellow fans I encountered were really hateful and bigoted people. I know that a few people don’t speak for an entire group, but I’m still very hesitant about trying to make connections.

I started playing Grand Bazaar, and for some reason everything Ivan says I end up reading with a British accent.

In HM:DS, I married Leia. I felt bad leaving her in my pond all by herself so I filled it with ducks and fish. In my imagination, she wouldn’t be so lonely. Then I learned that she hated ducks. No good deed goes unpunished…

Every time I play a game, I refuse to consider any marriage candidates that hate things I like. They cannot hate fish or seafood, and they can’t hate any animals. I don’t mind if they are neutral, they just can’t hate them. I don’t mind, however, if they like things that I hate.

When I played MM I kept wooing bachelors, and then finding that I didn’t like them that much. Every once in a while I would see Ray and give him something random in passing, but as his romance started advancing I fell head over heels in my first HM love. I’m afraid if I replay it I may never be able to choose anyone else!

Although there are main heroines in Rune Factory 1, 2, and 3 like Mist, Mana, and Shara, I never marry them. I always consider them as best friend or sister for my main character.

People always talk about how great the Harvest Moon community is, but it’s just like any other fandom, really. Judgmental people, weeaboo fangirls, fighting, we have the whole deal. Sure, I love Harvest Moon and the fanbase, but I’m just saying.

I played Harvest Moon DS as a kid but never properly since I was able to activate a bunch of cheats to lets you breeze through the game quickly. 7/ 8 years later and I now have a 3DS and I’ve ordered a new copy of HM DS Cute and I’m determined to play it right.

I first started playing Harvest Moon with Back to Nature, then years later I got The Tale of Two Towns, but I really didn’t like the layout of it at all. It was way too different for me and just want the Harvest Moon I grew to love… Later I got More Friends of Mineral Town and loved it. I don’t know, I guess there’s just something about the Mineral Town games I really love. 

I really hate the fact that they limit the characters I can put when naming. I want a long name for my son with Gill! 

I recently purchased A New Beginning and I’m really mad that the cows don’t look like the cute ones I’m used to seeing in most of the other Harvest Moon games. I know you get the cute ‘bubble cow’ later on but I wish that the cows just stayed being ‘bubble like’.

Full Confession:

So, I haven’t really played Harvest Moon in a while but I still enjoy the old stuff I used to play. Even though I had a hard time getting married in like MFoMT, I never had the guy version of that. My actual confession here though is that I would play A Wonderful Life all the time. I played so much that my parents started getting super annoyed at the song that would play. And I had given the other record that played the winter music to Nami. I still love the spring/summer song from that game, though.

Full Confession:

I always get a little sad when I think of my first Harvest Moon game. I didn’t know what I was doing yet, so I ended up marrying the first character I got to red heart. I didn’t want to marry him, but I didn’t realize that I could marry someone else even though i got him to red heart. After my character had a child, I started a new game and haven’t been playing it. I completely deleted that family for no reason…

My first Harvest Moon game I played, I was six, was A Wonderful Life, and it stuck to me like a tumor. I played it so much that my parents became worried about how much time I spent on it, and eventually confiscated my Playstation. It was horrible.