harvest moon confessions

Sometimes I wish the newer Harvest Moon games had more of a story. Something like the Wii games had; a main storyline that goes along with and is integrated into the farming gameplay. Or even something like older games had, just as simple as, “Save the Harvest Goddess!”. I’m not saying I’d like newer games to be EXACTLY the same as the others, but I’d honestly like something other than “Farm, then do some other, unrelated stuff that takes really long and isn’t riveting at all” vibe that I feel the games have been leaning toward the past few titles.

I don’t like that the protagonist can do all these things in newer games. In ANB you’re a farmer, a carpenter, and essentially the blacksmith as well (you upgrade your own tools). I liked that in the older games you had to rely on others for some things.

I have always been in love with Pierre, in every game he’s in as a bachelor, he’s always my first pick.  

I find it funny how while most people have a “type” of bachelor that they prefer, here I am marrying many different boys with different personalities. For example, I fell in love with the tsundere Kurt from MM, mischievous Skye from DS Cute, but still absolutely adored Kana in ToTT.

In FOMT, it annoys me how having a golden lumber fence automatically makes everyone hate you. There’s no reason for it; one of the main goals of Harvest Moon is to let you live your live how you want to, isn’t it? I know it’s a silly thing, but showing off wealth is not the same thing as being an arrogant, egotistical jerk, yet the people treat you like it does.

Fangirls will probably want to kill me for this, but I totally ship Skye and Witch Princess. Both appear to have magical powers of some sort, they’re both amoral jerks, and I could totally see them being rivals at first but getting together eventually. 

When I got my character in DS Cute, I was really happy with Jill’s design. She was so cute, and actually looks like me! She’s my favorite protagonist by far, and I’m considering buying Another Wonderful Life just so I can play as her again. c:

I loved the guys from the earlier Rune factory games, especially Zavier, Erik, Danny, and Ray. They were so sweet and earnest. Even Jake really cared about Cecilia. It bothered me that the girls wouldn’t give them a chance or were willing to leave them for you. Raguna/Kyle may have been great, but it made these girls seem selfish to treat these guys so cruelly. “I had no idea” seemed like a really false excuse, there’s no way you didn’t know. And you don’t leave someone on the altar. You need to be a big girl! I only date girls that don’t have “rivals” now, they don’t seem so selfish.

In ANB I had it all planned out. In my first slot I would marry Neil, then save  in my second for Soseki or Amir. And then I built the tailor shop and got Yuri. What I read from fogu said she seemed cold and uncaring I was expecting someone mean and snooty, like a mix of Neil and Allen, someone who was a real - well you know. but what I got was a Hinata/fluttershy mix that made my mind go “hnnnggghh. so. cute.” so now I want to marry her.  I’m stuck and honestly considering buying a second copy of this game to marry all of the bachelors and bachelorette that I’ve chosen.

Full Confession: So my chicken got sick on a rainy Thursday, and I couldn’t get the medicine from Neil, then it was Fri-Sun, Monday was a festival and Tuesday was rainy again and it wouldn’t be sunny until that Thursday.  I prepared for my chicken to die, put another egg in the incubator, etc just in case. I’m never letting another animal die of sickness in ANB again. First is the music, then Neil just makes you feel so horrible I actually tried to explain myself to him (which caused a few odd looks from my sister) and then he just cuts you off “I don’t want to hear your apologies!”  the whole thing just made me tear up, and I just avoided Neil that whole day. As soon as Thursday came I bought 5 animal medicines so I wouldn’t get caught like that again.

Full Confession:

I really miss how realistic HM: AWL was when it came to animal interaction! I loved nuzzling my cows and seeing them lick me back! I also thought it was sweet that they’d be sad whenever you sold their offspring. Speaking of offspring, I wish we could have bulls for breeding again! I’m tired of miracle potion or instant results like HM: ANB. Since when can you order breeding done from a shop and have it occur within a second? The animals are all kinda unisex too. That’s a bummer.

Full Confession:

When speaking of newer installments to the franchise, I’m less interested in most of the bachelors/bachelorettes because they’re just recycled personalities from previous games with a new physical appearance (usually childlike in how they look too). I’d really like to see more layers and depth to each character that separates & individualizes them. I’d also like more image concepts that don’t make you feel like you’re marrying a 5-year-old or like you’re one yourself.

Whenever I play AWL or DS Cute, I marry Muffy. A lot of people seem to hate her and judge her as “sleazy”, but I see her as a girl whom has been burned by love before and is just longing to find the right man. I make my character be that man. =)

It never fails—whatever gender I start out with on a new game, I always go to scope out my potential spouse choices, only to realize there is a character of the same gender that I would much rather have my character pursue.

When I heard that Cam would be back in CTNW, I could never stop thinking whether Cam got a divorce with my character in ToTT and move to another town with another one of my characters in it…