harvest moon confessions

Full Confession:

My first file in Rune Factory 4 was as Lest because, from concept art alone, none of the bachelors appealed to me. I quickly put it on hold after meeting Dylas and Leon in favor of starting new files as Frey so I could date them. After not touching my Lest file for about six months, I overwrote it to (embarrassing enough) pursue Leon a second time. A part of me feels bad for abandoning Lest but another says it’s worth it.

I wish there were Harvest Moon RPers. I would join instantly as Katie or Eve!

Full Confession:

I’ve seen YouTube videos of how some ANB players customize their towns, and I was really amazed and impressed by how they decorated (probably because my farm has only the bare necessities and is optimized to help me get my work done as quickly as possible while still reaping a lot from the land, haha.)

Seeing those farms made me wish there was a feature in ANB that allowed you to check out other player’s farms and towns, sort of like the Dream Suite on the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I really like the design of Kasey in Animal Parade. Despite the fact he can’t say anything special, I feel like he has an obvious personality.

Originally I disliked Bo and avoided him on my save file in Animal Parade. However when I decided to marry Luke I thought it would be a good idea to become friends with Dale and Bo first. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy and I’m happy gave him a chance.

My sister bought Tale of Two Towns without telling me so, instead of freaking out on her, I decided to snoop around on her files when she isn’t around. She currently doesn’t know if do this or not and closes her ds whenever I’m around.

I almost never give anyone gifts in Rune Factory. Unless it is their birthday, the only way I will attempt to befriend them is by talking to them everyday and doing requests.

I wish there were Harvest Moon characters with curly hair. (I don’t recall ever seeing a character have really curly hair?) And it’d be nice if there were different curly hairstyles to choose from to customize your character with in future games. I know there’s plenty of HM fans out there that have curly hair, and would like to see this happen too.


hello, first of all i want to apologize for not formally addressing your concerns until now — i’ve been feeling sick lately and mod v passed your confession/ask to me so i’d be aware of the situation.

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In Animal Parade, I started going to Toucan Island whenever it rained in town and now I am somehow better friends with Selena’s parents than her.

While doing requests for Quinn and Kelsey in Tides of Destiny, I get the feeling that I’ll like them more than my future in game children.

Full Confession:

Hana, Emma, and Hossan are my favorite NPCs of ANB. I think Hana is the sweetest and most adorable elderly woman that I’ve ever met in any HM game. I loved the event where her grandson was trying to manipulate her into giving him money (which he soon felt bad about and apologized for) but Hana is wise and kind and understands that there are much more important things in life than money, and didn’t care in the least.

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When I discovered that “Jack” from all the early games real name was Pete, I felt so lied to.

I saw a copy of Tree of Tranquility at GameStop last summer and because I didn’t have my gift card with me I didn’t buy it. I haven’t been to GameStop since then and I seriously regret not getting it.

Full Confession:

Trying to sit down and figure out what chronological order the Harvest Moon games are taking place in is one of the most frustrating things I’ve tried. Every time I think I have it correct there ends up being this one character that makes an appearance somewhere that causes me to start over. Despite all this I do enjoy seeing old characters in new games and accept the fact that some games are connected while others aren’t.